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New Jersey criminal defense attorneys with more than 20 years of combined prosecution experience.
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South Jersey Criminal Defense Lawyers

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Former Prosecutors Provide Effective Representation Throughout the Cherry Hill Area

At Lackey & Miller, LLC, our team of Cherry Hill criminal defense attorneys have a wealth of experience, particularly as former prosecutors, giving us valuable insights into the criminal justice system. Our attorneys have prosecuted cases at both the County Prosecutor’s office and the state Attorney General’s office, providing us with a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies involved in criminal matters. Whether you are facing accusations of a violent crime, white-collar crime, a drug offense, theft, cybercrime, traffic violation, or any other conduct prohibited under New Jersey law, you can trust us to provide you with strong and steadfast counsel.

What to Do After You Have Been Arrested

Navigating the intricacies of the legal system can be overwhelming and having a criminal defense attorney who understands your rights is extremely important. Your Miranda rights are crucial to safeguarding your interests. Despite the familiarity of these warnings from movies and TV, many people still find themselves speaking to the police without an attorney present, often due to fear, intimidation, or misplaced trust in the interviewing officer. If you ever find yourself under arrest or in custody, it is imperative to stay calm and assert your right to an attorney immediately and refrain from answering any questions until an attorney arrives. At Lackey & Miller, LLC, our criminal defense attorneys have the experience to protect your rights and are ready to handle any type of law enforcement tactic or trick. Your freedom and rights are our priority, and we are here to offer you unwavering support and an unyielding defense.

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Firm Advocates for Clients Accused of All Types of Criminal Offenses

In Camden County, Burlington County, Gloucester County, and throughout the South Jersey area, our firm defends clients in cases involving various types of alleged offenses, including:

  • Drug crimes — Most drug crime prosecutions commence with searches of motor vehicles or residences, which can give rise to Fourth Amendment considerations and the questionable collection of evidence. As former prosecutors with extensive experience in handling drug crime cases, we thoroughly understand the complexities surrounding these search and seizure related issues. Our top priority is to challenge baseless charges that rely on evidence obtained through illegal searches to safeguard your rights. We also understand that many alternatives to incarceration are available and will fight during negotiations to make sure all those options are offered to our clients.
  • Fraud and white-collar crimes — In today’s digital age, government agents, analysts, and sophisticated software are constantly monitoring transactions in search of potential fraud/white-collar cases.  Whether the specific case involves taxes, insurance claims, banking activity or any other alleged illegal financial or theft activity, our team of lawyers have the knowledge and extensive experience to effectively counter any unfounded allegations. At our firm, we understand the complexities of fraud cases and are well-versed in the methods used by prosecutors. With our comprehensive knowledge and diligent approach, we meticulously examine the details of your case, challenge the evidence presented, and tirelessly advocate for your rights.
  • Violent crimes — Allegations of violent crimes necessitate the utmost seriousness and attention.  Considering the possibility of extended periods of incarceration, it is vital to retain a lawyer with a demonstrated history of achieving favorable outcomes in high-stakes cases involving allegations of violent offenses. These cases frequently require the State to rely on expert testimony ranging from DNA analysis and cellphone forensics to ballistics and medical examiner reports. At our firm, our attorneys have extensive experience in handling these complex cases and can scrutinize the reports provided by expert witnesses and are well-prepared to challenge their testimony in the courtroom.
  • Weapons charges — Becoming entangled in New Jersey’s strict and complicated gun laws can result in significant consequences. Regardless of the specific weapon charges, our firm is well-equipped to provide guidance and support in fighting them. We understand the complexities and severity of weapons offenses. A person charged with a second-degree possessory handgun offense could potentially be imprisoned for five to ten years. However, there are numerous justifications, defenses and exceptions to gun offenses, and our experienced attorneys are highly knowledgeable in identifying and leveraging them to protect your legal rights.
  • Traffic violations — The sight of red and blue flashing lights in your rear-view mirror is something no driver welcomes, yet it is an experience most of us will inevitably encounter at some point. Being pulled over and issued a ticket for a traffic violation can lead to significant costs and considerable aggravation, particularly for people who do not have a perfect driving record. At our firm, we are dedicated to providing a strong defense to drivers accused of various traffic offenses, including driving with a suspended driver’s license, reckless driving, leaving the scene of a motor vehicle accident, speeding, and other related offenses. Our goal is to help you avoid unjust fines, prevent license suspension, mitigate insurance rate hikes, and in instances of more serious offense, keep you out of jail.
  • Municipal violations — Non-indictable offenses, such as petty disorderly or disorderly persons offenses are usually handled in municipal court. Do not be fooled into believing that the jurisdiction of the municipal court implies these matters should be treated lightly. A conviction in municipal court can leave a lasting mark on your criminal record, potentially affecting job prospects and license applications, and may lead to substantial fines or even county jail. If you fail to appear in municipal court, a judge can issue a warrant for your arrest and set bail.  Do not neglect these offenses and contact a criminal defense attorney for advice.
  • Juvenile court — If your child or a minor that you care for has been charged with a crime, a disorderly person’s offense, or a municipal violation, it is crucial to approach the situation with the same level of seriousness as if it were an adult facing charges. The consequences can be extremely detrimental and have the potential to impact the minor’s critical job, license, and college applications. Juvenile matters are typically handled confidentially in the Family Court, presided over by a Family Court Judge. However, although rare, the minor can be waived to adult criminal court and face the same penalties as if an adult committed the offense.

Why You Should Hire an Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney

Regardless of the alleged offense, an accusation that you have violated the law should be taken seriously. At Lackey & Miller, LLC, we believe in the power of a robust defense and refuse to accept that quickly pleading guilty is the only viable option in the face of compelling evidence. As criminal defense attorneys, we leverage our extensive prosecutorial experience to find potential defenses that others might overlook. Our goal is to advocate for you, seeking resolutions that place you in the best position to move forward. Your rights and future are our priority, and we are dedicated to providing you with a steadfast defense that fights for justice and fairness every step of the way.

Speak With a New Jersey Defense Attorney Regarding Your Criminal Charge

Lackey & Miller, LLC, located in Cherry Hill provides strong defense counsel to South Jersey residents in a wide range of criminal defense cases. Please call 856-399-0089 or contact us online to schedule a consultation.

Derek Miller

Written By Derek Miller


Derek Miller is a seasoned criminal attorney who served thirteen years as a Deputy Attorney General with the New Jersey Office of the Attorney General, Division of Criminal Justice, before co-founding Lackey & Miller, LLC.

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