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New Jersey criminal defense attorneys with more than 20 years of combined prosecution experience.
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Atlantic County Criminal Defense Attorney

Atlantic County Criminal Defense Firm Protects Your Rights When Charged With a Crime

If you’re facing criminal charges or a DUI Atlantic County, it is crucial to immediately reach out to an experienced criminal defense firm to protect your rights. At Lackey & Miller, LLC, we bring together over two decades of combined experience handling some of the most serious offenses in New Jersey, such as homicide, robbery, drug distribution, and money laundering. As a dedicated criminal defense firm practicing in Atlantic County, we concentrate exclusively on the practice of criminal law, providing thorough assessments of the legal issues in your case and formulating a strategic approach to defend your freedom and reputation. Whether you are accused of a drug crime or DUI in Atlantic County, contact a seasoned criminal defense attorney with years of litigation experience to protect your rights!

Lackey & Miller, LLC Handles a Full Range of Criminal Defense Matters in Atlantic County

Atlantic County is home to renowned towns running along the coastline, where families and friends gather for beach outings and backyard barbecues. Atlantic County is also home to the historic Atlantic City, famous for its beaches and vibrant casinos. Amidst the enjoyment and recreational activities, the potential for encountering criminal charges and DUI incidents exists. At Lackey & Miller, LLC, we recognize that every legal matter is distinctive, and we take pride in our precise assessments of the legal issues people encounter in Atlantic County. When the joyous atmosphere takes an unexpected turn, leading to legal issues, our team at Lackey & Miller, LLC is here to provide support!

Municipalities in Atlantic County Where Lackey & Miller, LLC Provides Aggressive Criminal Defense

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Lackey & Miller, LLC, located in Cherry Hill provides strong defense counsel to Atlantic County residents in a wide range of criminal defense cases. Please call 856-399-0089 or contact us online to schedule a consultation.

Derek Miller

Written By Derek Miller


Derek Miller is a seasoned criminal attorney who served thirteen years as a Deputy Attorney General with the New Jersey Office of the Attorney General, Division of Criminal Justice, before co-founding Lackey & Miller, LLC.

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